Friend’s & Family, I have a need that I want to share with you to prayerfully consider.  Due to mini strokes back in 2008 I was experiencing familar symptoms this year 2017,  so I went to the doctor and was set up a CT Scan and the diagnosis came back NOT in my favor. Dr Mary Smith told us the report, she said that their was a blockage in my main artery to my heart and the technical terminology is:
“Coronary Artery Disease ” (involving native coronary artery of native heart without angina pectoris.) Next step was a referral to a Heart Cardiologist for more testing.
Upon the arrival of my referral visit to Piedmont Heart Dr. Ketan Desai,  and after looking over my CT Scan I was put on a Statin drug and set up for a Stress Test. I went in for the Test & during the Stress Test in 7 mins 40 seconds there was major stressful changes in the test, The Nurse had to quickly remove me from the procedure.

Dr.Desai called a meeting with my husband & I to discuss what we do next.  So on March 14, 2017 he told us the procedure that would take place and that he would do a “Cardiac Cath ,” and see what needs to be done.

#1. If I needed Stints he could do so at that time.
#2. The Dr. stated he may need to do open heart surgery at a rescheduled date.
The open heart surgery could not be done at that time, because this surgery is a complicated and serious one so alot has to be considered before trying to accomplish it.

On March 23, 2017 I am Scheduled for Surgery.

Due to not having any health Insurance this Surgery is going to cost $40,000.00 dollars and Piedmont  Hospital wants $10,000.00 down when I arrive on March 23, 2017. After talking with th hospital we found favor at a discount so if we give them $10,000.00 dollars the Hospital will cover the balance, so I need $10,000.00 by Wednesday next week.
I pray that my Family & Friends will Prayerfully Consider being His Hands Extended to me Lavonda Bolin at this time of my need. If you consider sowing into to this need, I Pray God will bless your seed a 100 fold for your obedience to him. If your not able to sow monetarily into this need please keep me in your Prayers.

Thank You in advance may God Bless you.

All Donation are Tax Deductible through
“His Hands Extended, Inc. ”
Powder Springs, Georgia 30127

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